Our Team

The Ruff Rock Team is tailored to create the perfect polished concrete reuslts.  Covering all aspects of concrete construction and the aesthetics of concrete.  Ruff Rock ACT is happy to share our Team with you. 

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Gavin Reid

Gavin is the Managing Director for Ruff Rock ACT. Having a strong background with concrete placement and commercial strucutral design, Gavin manages work programs along with product sales for the residential scene.  Gavin focuses on business development and networking with local builders to change the way polished concrete can be used in the commercial scene.  Giving a new perception on polsihed concrete products such as precast walls and ceilings, open up options for architects and builders when designing commercial structures.  

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Ayden Tait

Ayden is the Operations Manager for Ruff Rock ACT.  Aydens manages and operates the polishing crews at Ruff Rock insuring the product quality is consitantly high and that clients are left with pure satisfaction.  Aydens business management background is key to Ruff Rock's success and customer satisfaction across the board by creating personal relationships and the single point of contact for any issues, help, questions or general discussions about the process for builders and clients over coffee.

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Scott Shipton

Scott is the structural Foreman for Ruff Rock ACT.  Managing concrete rectification, strucutral patching,  hole coring and detailed concrete formwork for concrete pours are just skimming the surface of what Scott manages day-to-day.  Being a qualified carpenter and the fine art of detail Scott produces, makes him a perfectionist in concrete facade rectifications and structural concrete defects.  Scott is a qualified Structural Concrete Repairer in ACT & NSW.

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Ceasar Gonzales

Ceasar is Ruff Rock's Concrete Polisher.  Years of poloishing experience has lead to Ceasar being the pinnacle of polished concrete products.  His eye for detail is key to Ruff Rock's residential flooring market, making every polished concrete surface the best it can be.

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Josh Stewart

Josh is the bridge between polished concrete and structural rectifications.  Josh has a split work week inbetween polished concrete flooring in Rural areas and concrete rectifications in the ACT.  His precise work polishing concrete allows him to perform some of the more detailed concrete patching and rectifications around Canberra.   Josh is a qualified Structural Concrete Repairer in ACT & NSW.

Ryan McClure

Ryan is the the definition of a solid worker.  Being with Ruff Rock ACT for 2 years, Ryan operates and maintains the heavy machinery like floor scabblers, floor polishers and polishing tooling.  Having a background in rural farming and refridgeration, Ryan makes the perfect mechanic and problem solver for the day-to-day maintennce and upkeep of the extensive list of machinery Ruff Rock operates.

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